Modified hormonal balance in rooting-recalcitrant rac mutant tobacco shoots
The rooting-recalcitrant rac tobacco mutant has been multiplied in vitro via outgrowth of axillary buds in parallel to the DS wild-type. The mutant shoots grew at a lower rate and did not root whatever the treatments, whereas the wild-type shoots rooted spontaneously during the culture cycle without auxin treatment. The mutant and wild-type shoots showed similar peroxidase variations along the culture cycle (21 days) but with higher levels of activity for the rac mutant: minimum peroxidase activity occurrey at day 14 in whole shoots of both tobacco genotypes, but already at day 7 in the basal parts of the stems (where roots appear) of the wild-type tobacco, while it was delayed in the mutant. Free and conjugated auxin and polyamine levels were also determined in whole shoots and basal parts of the stems. The rac mutant was characterised by higher auxin and polyamine contents. A peak of auxins and polyamines appeared at day 14 in the whole shoots whatever the tobacco genotype. This peak was delayed in the basal parts of the rac stems compared to the wild-type ones. The mutant shoots contained higher levels of benzyladenine and isopentenyladenosine at the end of the culture cycle, whereas zeatin riboside was more abundant in wild-type shoots. In response to increasing concentrations of indole-3-butyric acid (IBA) and 1-naphthaleneacetic acid (NAA), only the wild-type shoots responded by an increase in growth rate followed by inhibition at high concentrations. The rac shoot responses were very low or nonexistent. Peroxidase activity was also measured in E basal parts of tobacco stems grown in the presence of IBA. Results suggest growth inhibition related to auxin accumulation, possibly combined with elevated putrescine content. Second, rooting induction seems to take place in both tobacco genotypes; however, the process of root formation is blocked in the mutant. The lack of initiation and expression phases of rooting in relation to auxin content in the mutant is discussed.
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Plant biosystems / Società botanica italiana. - Firenze
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COST 8 22 Working Group Meeting, OCT , 1999, ANCONA, ITALY
Firenze : 2001
135 :1 (2001) , p. 85-93
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