Pentostatin in T-cell malignancies : a phase II trial of the EORTC
Leukemia Cooperative Grp
Purpose: Within this phase II EORTC trial, we have investigated the safety and efficacy of pentostatin in lymphoid malignancies. We have previously reported the results in T- and B-cell prolymphocytic leukemia, B-cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia (B-CLL) and hairy cell leukemia. This report focuses on the outcome in T-cell malignancies: T-CLL, Sezary syndrome (Sezary), mycosis fungoides (MF) and T-zone lymphoma (TZL). Patients and methods: Of the 92 patients with these diagnoses enrolled, 76 were evaluable for response and toxicity, i.e., 25 of 28 with T-CLL, 21 of 26 with Sezary, 22 of 26 with MF, and 8 of 12 with TZL. All patients had progressive and advanced disease. Pentostatin was administered at a dosage of 4 mg/m(2) every week for the first 3 weeks, then 4 mg/m(2) every 14 days for another 6 weeks, followed by maintenance therapy of 4 mg/m(2) monthly for a maximum of 6 months. Results: Response rates (complete and partial responses) in patients with Sezary (n = 22) or MF (n = 21) were 33% and 23%, respectively, and in patients with T-CLL (n = 21) or TZL (n = 8) 8% and 25%, respectively. Sixteen (21%) patients died during the first ten weeks of treatment: twelve of progressive disease, two of infectious complications with progressive disease, one of myocard infarction and one of renal failure related to administration of i.v. contrast. Major toxicity (grade 3-4) included infection in 11% of patients, nausea/vomiting in 4%, diarrhea in 3%. Hematologic toxicity was mild to non-existent. Conclusions: We conclude that pentostatin is active in Sezary and MF but showed marginal activity in T-CLL or TZL. Toxicities are mild to moderate at the dose schedule administered. Due to its relatively specific lympholytic effect and its favorable toxicity spectrum, pentostatin might be especially useful for the palliative treatment of T-cell malignancies.
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Annals of oncology / European Society for Medical Oncology. - Amsterdam
Amsterdam : 1999
10 :12 (1999) , p. 1493-1498
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