Distribution of organochlorine pesticides, polychlorinated biphenyls and α-HCH enantiomers in pork tissues
The distribution of HCH isomers, DDT analogues and selected PCB congeners in pork organs collected from the same individuals raised in Romanian farms was investigated. Organochlorine pesticides (HCHs and DDTs) were the principal contaminants in all samples, while PCB concentrations were low, in accordance with previously reported concentrations from Romanian animal farms. The most part of the pollutant load in the body is retained in the adipose tissue, with HCHs ranging between 16 and 27.7 ng/g lipid and with higher concentrations of DDTs ranging between 65.9 and 334.5 ng/g lipid. The highest PCB levels (up to 32 ng/g lipid) were measured in lung and liver. The lipidnormalized concentrations in the brain were lower than in all other tissues due to the presence of the blood-brain barrier or due to a lower proportion of the neutral lipids such as triglycerides. The highest concentrations of DDTs were measured in muscle and fat, with p,p'-DDE being the principal contributor and with a variable contribution of p,p'-DDD and p,p'-DDT. In liver, p, p'-DDD has a higher contribution to the sum DDTs, while in all analyzed livers, the concentration of p, p'-DDT was very low. beta-HCH was the most persistent HCH isomer in all tissues, accounting for 40-97% of sum HCHs. For all animals, the highest concentrations of beta-HCH and HCHs were found in liver, while the lowest HCH concentrations were measured in brain and spinal marrow. Additionally, the distribution of alpha-HCH enantiomers in the tissues was discussed. In all samples (except 2 brain samples), (+) alpha-HCH was depleted and (-) alpha-HCH was enantioenriched. Enantiomeric ratios in brain were the highest measured values between all organs. For all studied animals, ERs increased in the order fat < muscle < liver < brain. (C) 2004 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.
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Chemosphere. - Oxford, 1972, currens
Oxford : 2004
0045-6535 [print]
1879-1298 [online]
56 :8 (2004) , p. 757-766
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