The company : entrepreneurship for engineers
Faculty of Applied Economics
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Münster , [*]
Engineering sciences. Technology
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Entrepreneurial Universities : the proceedings of the 4th International FINPIN Conference and the 11th International Conference on Science-to-Business Marketing and Successful Research Commercialisation: Volume 2, Münster, Germany, 25-27 April 2012 / Baaken, Thomas [edit.]; e.a.
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English (eng)
University of Antwerp
Abstract: Belgian engineering education has a long tradition based on mathematical rigour and a thorough knowledge of science and technology. However, our whole education system seems to turn engineering students into company-men (and, a few, women). The alternatives of becoming selfemployed or an entrepreneur seem to be ironed out of the curriculum. 'The Company' is a set of educational activities that engineering students of the Karel de Grote University College can choose to get acquainted with entrepreneurship and management. Some of its main characteristics are: [1] an integrated number of lessons and cooperative activities over the bachelor and master years, [2] the 'look and feel' of a real start-up, [3] based on action (learning-by- doing) and as a consequence theoretical lectures have been limited to the utmost minimum. This paper aims to provide a description of this 'experiment' and to analyse the (hypothesised positive) effects on the students' entrepreneurship skills and attitudes. The last section deals with the first (preliminary) results of the real life 'experiment', where one group of industrial engineering students receives entrepreneurship and management and a second (the control group) does not. The entrepreneurship skills and attitudes are being measured and compared statistically on two levels: [1] within the 'The Company' group over the various years and [2] between the 'The Company' group and the control group. The results and implications of this type of integrated and long-term effort in entrepreneurship education for engineering students are discussed.