The perspectives and challenges of the adoption of liquefied natural gas as a ship fuel : conducting a systematic review and research synthesis
Institute for Transport en Maritime Management (ITMMA)
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Source (book)
IAME 2013 Conference July 3-5, Marseille, France
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English (eng)
University of Antwerp
It is widely acknowledged that the existing and forthcoming stringent ship emission regulations under MARPOL Annex VI of IMO are a main driver for the adoption of liquefied natural gas (LNG) as a ship fuel. Research into LNG as a maritime fuel saw a strong growth in recent years, but no study has analyzed in a structured way the level of convergence among the findings presented in these wide ranges of studies. In order to fill this gap, the present paper seeks to perform a systematic review to synthesize the findings of 33 published studies on the use of LNG as a ship fuel. The aim is not only to obtain a much broader understanding of the current perspectives and challenges for applying LNG as a fuel for ship propulsion, but also to achieve a level of conceptual development beyond that attained in individual studies. The paper presents an extensive framework which can support shipowners in their decision-making regarding the use of LNG as a fuel for their ships. In addition, the study also identifies the important role of ports in facilitating and encouraging this innovative application in the maritime industry.