Vision towards an open electronic wallet on NFC smartphones Vision towards an open electronic wallet on NFC smartphones
Faculty of Sciences. Mathematics and Computer Science
Faculty of Applied Engineering Sciences
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Engineering sciences. Technology
Computer. Automation
Source (journal)
International Journal on Advances in Internet Technology
5(2012) :3&4 , p. 84-94
Target language
English (eng)
Many recent initiatives indicate an evolution to- wards an electronic wallet to perform all sorts of electronic transactions, such as for example micro payments, loyalty, and transport ticketing. Furthermore, the smartphone is emerging as an indispensable tool for many, containing more and more personal information. Hence, it seems like the ideal medium for carrying the electronic wallet as well. The fast and intuitive touch-and-go philosophy and the integration in mobile devices, makes Near Field Communication (NFC) the perfect technology for contactless electronic transactions. However, the complex ecosystem is holding back the world-wide integration of this technology in mobile handsets, resulting in a low market penetration of NFC smartphones. In our work, we investigated how an NFC-enabled smartphone can be used as an electronic wallet in an existing solution that originally relied on DESFire tags. We implemented a Java Card applet that is compatible with the DESFire specification and explored how this applet can be deployed on the different possible solutions for the Secure Element (SE), such as an active Bluetooth sticker, a SIM card, and a secure microSD card. Finally, the user-wallet interface was examined carefully, more specifically in terms of accessibility of the wallet content for the different smartphone platforms. Based on the overall experiences and results the final conclusions upon the vision towards an open electronic wallet of the future were drawn