Hot recycling of bituminous mixturesHot recycling of bituminous mixtures
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Energy and Materials in Infrastructure and Buildings (EMIB)
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Advances in Interlaboratory Testing and Evaluation of Bitumonous Materials : State-of-the-Art Reports / Partl, Manfred N. [edit.]; Canestrari, Francesco [edit.]; Benedetto, de, Hervé [edit.]; Sybilski, Dariusz [edit.]; Bahia, Hussain U. [edit.]; Roche, de la, Chantal [edit.]; Piber, Herald [edit.]
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This chapter first presents the results of a survey performed on the practices used in Europe. This survey is considered a first report on the subject and could be usefully completed by the states of the art prepared in the framework of the Re-road and Direct-Mat European projects. Then the chapter addresses the key issue of Reclaimed Asphalt (RA) manufacture in laboratory considered within the group as an important point to assess recyclability of bituminous mixtures. To answer this question, common research has been launched on the basis of an interlaboratory test programme to set a relevant laboratory ageing of bituminous mixtures protocol. The choices of the tested protocol, the setting of the interlaboratory test programme as well as the results obtained, are presented in this chapter. A conclusion in the form of a recommendation for laboratory ageing of bituminous mixtures is given at the end of the chapter.