Rewriting regular XPath queries on XML views
Faculty of Sciences. Mathematics and Computer Science
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Los Alamitos, Calif. :IEEE, [*]
Computer. Automation
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Proceedings of the 23rd International Conference on Data Engineering (ICDE 2007), Istanbul, Turkey, April 15-20, 2007 / Chirkova, Rada [edit.]; et al.
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English (eng)
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We study the problem of answering queries posed on virtual views of XML documents, a problem commonly encountered when enforcing XML access control and integrating data. We approach the problem by rewriting queries on views into equivalent queries on the underlying document, and thus avoid the overhead of view materialization and maintenance. We consider possibly recursively defined XML views and study the rewriting of both XPath and regular XPath queries. We show that while rewriting is not always possible for XPath over recursive views, it is for regular XPath; however, the rewritten query may be of exponential size. To avoid this prohibitive cost we propose a rewriting algorithm that characterizes rewritten queries as a new form of automata, and an efficient algorithm to evaluate the automaton-represented queries. These allow us to answer queries on views in linear time. We have fully implemented a prototype system, SMOQE, which yields the first regular XPath engine and a practical solution for answering queries over possibly recursively defined XML views.