SMOQE : a system for providing secure access to XML
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Proceedings of the 32nd International Conference on Very Large Data Bases (VLDB 2006), Seoul, Korea, September 12-15, 2006 / Dayal, Umeshwar [edit.]; et al.
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XML views have been widely used to enforce access control, support data integration, and speed up query answering. In many applications, e.g., XML security enforcement, it is prohibitively expensive to materialize and maintain a large number of views. Therefore, views are necessarily virtual. An immediate question then is how to answer queries on XML virtual views. A common approach is to rewrite a query on the view to an equivalent one on the underlying document, and evaluate the rewritten query. This is the approach used in the Secure MOdular Query Engine (SMOQE). The demo presents SMOQE, the first system to provide efficient support for answering queries over virtual and possibly recursively defined XML views. We demonstrate a set of novel techniques for the specification of views, the rewriting, evaluation and optimization of XML queries. Moreover, we provide insights into the internals of the engine by a set of visual tools.