From 'rue corridor' to 'the streets-in-the-air' : the street and its different visionary architectural embodiments in the 20th century
Faculty of Social Sciences. Sociology
Faculty of Design Sciences
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Engineering sciences. Technology
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Proceedings 19th Joint Doctoral Seminar, Gent, 2010
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English (eng)
To reveal the contemporary and future meaning of the spatial legacy of the modern vocabulary, this paper focuses on the figure of the street from rue corridor to streets in the air. As an original modernist ingredient, the street deck as an enclosure system for collective housing, is regarded in connection with the rising mobility, distinctively the auto-mobility . As an integral part of modernity, the upcoming mobility was of significant influence on the modernist approach of architects and planners. Mobility appears as an interesting source of inspiration as well as an impediment to deal with. Mobility raised new orientations towards dwelling on the small as well as the big scale level, with an outcome on the organisation of housing developments as well as the internal lay-out of a dwelling unit. This paper presents the first perspective of the street deck, elaborated in the theoretical framework of the PhD-research Revision of the Modern. Given the rich and plural diversity of the different post war high-rise realisations in Belgium developed according to a seemingly stringent typology, the Revision is in search for the origins an the cultivation of the different modernist ingredients: street deck , habitat and collectivity .