Modeling and experimental investigation of the plasma uniformity in capacitively coupled plasmas, operating in single frequency and dual frequency regime
A two-dimensional hybrid Monte Carlofluid model, incorporating a full-wave solution of Maxwell's equations, is employed to describe the behavior of high frequency (HF) and very high frequency capacitively coupled plasmas (CCPs), operating both at single frequency (SF) and dual frequency (DF) in a CF4/O2 gas mixture. First, the authors investigate the plasma composition, and the simulations reveal that besides CF4 and O2, also COF2, CF3, and CO2 are important neutral species, and CF+3 and F− are the most important positive and negative ions. Second, by comparing the results of the model with and without taking into account the electromagnetic effects for a SF CCP, it is clear that the electromagnetic effects are important, both at 27 and 60 MHz, because they affect the absolute values of the calculation results and also (to some extent) the spatial profiles, which accordingly affects the uniformity in plasma processing. In order to improve the plasma radial uniformity, which is important for the etch process, a low frequency (LF) source is added to the discharge. Therefore, in the major part of the paper, the plasma uniformity is investigated for both SF and DF CCPs, operating at a HF of 27 and 60 MHz and a LF of 2 MHz. For this purpose, the authors measure the etch rates as a function of position on the wafer in a wide range of LF powers, and the authors compare them with the calculated fluxes toward the wafer of the plasma species playing a role in the etch process, to explain the trends in the measured etch rate profiles. It is found that at a HF of 60 MHz, the uniformity of the etch rate is effectively improved by adding a LF power of 2 MHz and 300 W, while its absolute value increases by about 50%, thus a high etch rate with a uniform distribution is observed under this condition.
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Journal of vacuum science and technology: A: vacuum surfaces and films. - New York, N.Y., 1983, currens
New York, N.Y. : 2015
33:2(2015), 15 p.
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