Simulation of failure in porous elastic solids incorporating size effects
Faculty of Applied Engineering Sciences
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Brno :European Structural Integrity Society, [*]
Engineering sciences. Technology
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Proceedings of the 17th European Conference on Fracture (ECF17): Multilevel Approach to Fracture of Materials, Components and Structures, 2-5 September 2008, Brno, Czech Republic / Pokluda, J. [edit.]
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English (eng)
A first order strain gradient elasticity model in conjunction with a simple failure criterion is employed in order to discuss size effects in failure of porous elastic materials. The model contains two micro structural parameters: namely the void volume fraction f and the mean of the half void spacing R . Three different examples: a plate with a hole under remote uniaxial and biaxial tension and a compression test using a long cylindrical bar are considered. The numerical simulations were performed varying f and R in order to investigate the influence of different microstructural dimensions on the onset of macroscopic failure. A size effect can be observed where the results indicate that this size effect does not only depend on the ratio between macroscopic and microstructural dimensions but also on the macroscopic geometry and loading conditions.