Reliability and validity of the Dutch physical activity questionnaires for children (PAQ-C) and adolescents (PAQ-A)
Background This study was designed to validate the Dutch Physical Activity Questionnaires for Children (PAQ-C) and Adolescents (PAQ-A). Methods After adjustment of the original Canadian PAQ-C and PAQ-A (i.e. translation/backtranslation and evaluation by expert committee), content validity of both PAQs was assessed and calculated using item-level (I-CVI) and scale-level (S-CVI) content validity indexes. Inter-item and inter-rater reliability of 196 PAQ-C and 95 PAQ-A filled in by both children or adolescents and their parent, were evaluated. Inter-item reliability was calculated by Cronbachs alpha(α) and inter-rater reliability was examined by percent observed agreement and weighted kappa(κ). Concurrent validity of PAQ-A was examined in a subsample of 28 obese and 16 normal-weight children by comparing it with concurrently measured physical activity using a maximal cardiopulmonary exercise test for the assessment of peak oxygen uptake (VO2 peak). Results For both PAQs, I-CVI ranged 0.67-1.00. S-CVI was 0.89 for PAQ-C and 0.90 for PAQ-A. A total of 192 PAQ-C and 94 PAQ-A were fully completed by both child and parent. Cronbachs α was 0.777 for PAQ-C and 0.758 for PAQ-A. Percent agreement ranged 59.9- 74.0% for PAQ-C and 51.1-77.7% for PAQ-A, and weighted κ ranged 0.48-0.69 for PAQ-C and 0.51-0.68 for PAQ-A. The correlation between total PAQ-A score and VO2 peak corrected for age, gender, height and weight was 0.516 (p = 0.001). Conclusions Both PAQs have an excellent content validity, an acceptable inter-item reliability and a moderate to good strength of inter-rater agreement. In addition, total PAQ-A score showed a moderate positive correlation with VO2 peak. Both PAQs have an acceptable to good reliability and validity, however, further validity testing is recommended to provide a more complete assessment of both PAQs.
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Archives of public health / Institut scientifique de la santé publique--Louis Pasteur (Belgium); Belgium. Ministère de la santé publique et de l'environnement. - Brussels, 1990, currens
Brussels : Archives belges de médecine sociale" asbl, 2014
72:1(2014), p. 1-13
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