Design concept of electric vehicle ambulance
Today's emergency transportation by internal combustion engine ambulances has many problems: it has a high vibration for the patient and the medics, it has a limited size of workstation for the medical treatment, it slowly accelerates with jolts and it has a high floor base which makes driving unstable while cornering. An Electric Vehicle ambulance, EV ambulance, is proposed to solve all this problems. The structural design of today's ambulance is compared with the design concept of an EV ambulance. The EV component technologies of an in-wheel drive, component built-in frame and tandem suspension system are applied to the EV ambulance. Four types of ambulances are presented: one based upon the average outer dimensions of a conventional ambulance, second based upon the average inner dimensions of workspace of the medics, third with a driver seat in the middle of the cabin and finally with a diver seat on an elevated position. A dual direction drive is applied in the ambulance and one type of EV ambulance its length is reduced to 2m so that it can enter into buildings. The EV ambulances illustrate that a smooth vibration and high acceleration of 0,4G is reached, the noise inside the cabin is reduced from 90dbA to 60dbA; the floor height is reduced from 50cm to 30cm, 85% of the total inner space can be used as a workspace, and stable drive and cornering is most efficient during an emergency transportation.
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Journal of Asian electric vehicles
3:1(2005), p. 713-719
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