Video-recording consultations for educational purposes in out-of-hours primary care : patients and physicians are willing to participate
Background: Video-recordings of consultations are used by general practitioner (GP) trainees to enable reflection on aspects of knowledge, skills and attitudes. Typically, these recordings are made during office hours in general practice, but little is known about using video-recording during out of hours (OOH) care, which is an important and distinct part of a GPs work. To be able to record consultations during OOH care (i.e. at the emergency department (ED) and at the General Practitioner Cooperative (GPC)), patients must be willing to cooperate and give informed consent. Therefore, it was of interest to investigate potential barriers in these OOH settings. Methods: A questionnaire on demographics and attitudes regarding consent was administered to patients and physicians at the ED and at the GPC in Sint-Niklaas, Belgium. Results: A total of 346 questionnaires were completed, 23 by physicians and 323 by patients. A majority of the patients (225/286 (79%)) would consent to video-recording the consultation, without physical examination. Almost all physicians (21/23) would agree to participate. Overall, 85% (260/323) of the patients agree when only the doctor was being recorded. Patients were neutral in recording in 79% (88/224) at the GPC and 57% (56/99) at the ED. Shyness or embarrassment was present in 32% (71/224), and 28% (28/99) at the GPC and ED, respectively. We did not find any significant differences in giving consent or feelings between patients at the GPC and ED. Conclusion: A vast majority of both patients and physicians would consent to video-recording their consultation in OOH primary care settings (GPC and ED), with possible concerns about privacy, shame and discomfort.
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Acta clinica Belgica / Belgian Society of Internal Medicine [Ghent]; Royal Belgian Society of Laboratory Medicine. - Gent, 1997, currens
Acta clinica Belgica / Belgian Society of Internal Medicine [Ghent]; Royal Belgian Society of Laboratory Medicine. - Gent, 1997, currens
Gent : 2019
1784-3286 [print]
2295-3337 [online]
74 :2 (2019) , p. 65-69
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