'ISeeYou' : a woman-centred care education and research project in Dutch bachelor midwifery education
Objective: To examine how student midwives in higher education learn to become competent and confident woman-centred practitioners. Design: Participant observation study using a buddy approach. Setting: Bachelor of Midwifery students in one higher education institution in the Netherlands Methods: First-year student midwives followed one woman throughout the continuum of childbirth. The students attended a minimum of five of the womans antenatal care encounters and a minimum of one postnatal care encounter. In addition, students explored the womans professional care network. Student midwives used participant observation, structured interview techniques and reflective practice to focus on (1) the woman and to gain insight into her wishes and experiences of care throughout the continuum of pregnancy, birth and postpartum period; (2) the impact of the caregiver on the woman; and (3) the womans experience of the partnership. Lectures, peer-debriefing, competency assessments, research activities and a logbook supported students learning. Results: Learning was achieved through the students relational continuity and active engagement with the individual woman. Students gained insight into the experiences of individual pregnant and postpartum women, the individual practice of healthcare practitioners and the interaction between the woman and the healthcare practitioner. Students development of critical thinking and reflective practice was enhanced to begin to form a vision of woman-centred care. Conclusion: The project was successful in equipping Bachelor of Midwifery students with competencies to support them in their learning of providing woman-centred care and offered them unique and in-depth experiences supporting and augmenting their personal, professional and academic development.
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Health education journal. - London
London : 2018
77 :8 (2018) , p. 899-914
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