The formation of student entrepreneurial intention and behaviour : an international perspective
International entrepreneurship is a large research topic, which consists of two separate streams of literature. First is the research branch on entrepreneurial internationalization, which focuses on the cross-border operation of entrepreneurial firms. Second is the comparative international entrepreneurship research, which concerns the cross-country comparison of entrepreneurial activities. The new conditions of the modern era, such as the advancements in technology and communication, pose new challenges and opportunities to international entrepreneurship research. The rise of early-internationalization or born-global firms in recent decades asks for knowledge on the entrepreneurs’ pre-foundation intention to internationalize – namely international entrepreneurial intention. Meanwhile, the increased collaboration of academic endeavours allows comparative international entrepreneurship researchers to have large-scale and fine-grain international studies to complement the existing comparative studies that are limited to using country aggregate statistics. Through three essays in this dissertation, we address these emerging research inquiries in the international entrepreneurship research domain. First, we add to the literature on international entrepreneurial intention by exploring its individual-level antecedents, such as personal values and cultural intelligence. We also study how the impact of these concepts can be moderated by environmental factors, such as education, surrounding role models, or experiences with intercultural situations. Based on our findings, educational organizations and policymakers can also utilize our findings to stimulate international entrepreneurial intention and consequently foster increased international entrepreneurship Second, we contribute to the comparative international entrepreneurship literature by calling for revisiting the consensus that was constructed using country-level values, such as the relationship between national culture and entrepreneurship. Using the international dataset collected by the Global University Entrepreneurial Spirit Students’ Survey (GUESSS) with over 100,000 responses from 39 countries, we could conduct the study on a global scale, while still being able to look at the fine-grain, individual-level relationship between national culture and entrepreneurial activities.
Antwerp : University of Antwerp, Faculty of Business and Economics, Department of Management , 2023
216 p.
Supervisor: Vanderstraeten, Johanna [Supervisor]
Supervisor: Slabbinck, Hendrik [Supervisor]
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