Media capture : the political reality of media undergoing a transitional democracy: the case of the Kurdistan Region in Iraq after 2003
When authoritarian regimes are overthrown, it is commonly expected that the emerging political systems will adopt Western-based models of democratic government, for instance regarding freedom of speech. According to existing studies, however, the practical realities of these ‘transitional democracies’ often defy this expectation. This doctoral dissertation investigates how the concept of media capture allows us to understand the media environment in transitional democracies by analysing the different mechanisms with which powerful social actors attempt to control media in a transitional democracy. The dissertation makes an in-depth case study of media in the Kurdistan Region in Iraq (KRI) since 2003. To this end, it puts forward a highly innovative mixed methods design, in which a quantitative content analysis and interviews with journalists are used for the level of financing, document analysis and interviews with state officials and politicians for the level of regulatory control, and document analysis and interviews with journalists and editors in chief for the level of journalistic culture. In this way, this research not only puts forward a multi-methodological approach that combines the paradigm of political economy with rigorous social-scientific research. It also makes this study comprehensive and able to triangulate its results across these different levels, thereby offering a multidimensional picture of how these mechanisms add to our understanding of (the level of media capture in) media atmosphere in transitional democracies.
Antwerp : University of Antwerp, Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Communication Studies , 2023
194 p.
Supervisor: Maeseele, Pieter [Supervisor]
Supervisor: Smets, Kevin [Supervisor]
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