Strengthening primary healthcare : a toolkit for a patient-centred interprofessional collaboration and integration
A fragmented primary care system and the need for an integrated care landscape have for years been diagnosed in various studies and cited at multiple (inter)national conferences. In response to these needs of Flemish Primary Care, the Primary Care Academy (PCA) was established with the support of the Dr Daniël De Coninck Fund, administered by the King Baudouin Foundation, which invested 2.5 million euros for five years of research. As part of the PCA (WP5), Muhammed Mustafa Sirimsi, PhD student at the University of Antwerp, has spent the past four years developing a toolkit to strengthen collaboration and integration in primary care. This toolkit is the result of scientific research conducted in his doctoral project. On the one hand, he delved into literature. From this, valuable concepts, practices and strategies were retained that were brought into this toolkit as building blocks. On the other hand, he surveyed the experiences, needs and preferences of care providers, patients and informal carers, specifically about Flemish primary care. The result is a combination of international scientific evidence with pragmatic experiential knowledge, accompanied by preferences and needs of the Flemish practice, and sociocracy and psychological safety playing primary roles. Over the entire development process, additional use was made of the expertise of an academic team that worked to make this toolkit operational. This involved using codesign workshops and together with more than 65 participants (healthcare providers, academics and policymakers) a generic toolkit consisting of eight building blocks: (i) self-assessment tool, (ii) preparation for toolkit use, (iii) promoting psychological safety, (iv) consultation techniques, (v) collaborative decision-making, (vi) developing a working group around a specific (local) issue, (vii) person-centred working and (viii) integration of a new team member, has been developed.
Antwerp : University of Antwerp, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences , 2023
225 p.
Supervisor: Van Bogaert, Peter [Supervisor]
Supervisor: Van den Broeck, Kris [Supervisor]
Supervisor: De Loof, Hans [Supervisor]
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Supervisor: Remmen, Roy [Supervisor]
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