D2.3 : NOVIMOVE transport model testing and benchmark development
In this deliverable the NOVIMOVE transport model, the architecture of which was presented in Deliverable D2.2 (van Hassel et al., 2021), is developed together with its sub models and tested. The testing of the transport model comprises of verification and validation. The development and testing of the model went in hand in hand as verification and validation resulted with several improvements to the model. Based on the improvements, a benchmark is developed to be used as the baseline NOVIMOVE transport model. Therefore, this deliverable reports the verification and validation for testing the NOVIMOVE transport model and the developed benchmark thereafter. The verification started with the sub models first and then continued with the verification of the overall simulation model. Several corrections and updates were made to the simulation model which now ensures that we have a simulation model that does what we intended the model to represent. Moreover, the outputs are provided in line with the Deliverable D2.1 (Ramos et al., 2020) so that the results can be evaluated with the agreed upon KPIs in a convenient way with relevant display of the outputs. After the verification steps, first an internal validation has been performed by checking the outputs for different parts of the NOVIMOVE transport model and the overall model outputs against the available data and model outputs provided by NOVIMOVE partners. In this step NOVIMOVE partners played a significant role and several interactions took place to reach a model that was valid for benchmark development. The internal validation was followed by a stakeholder meeting where we were able to discuss the model outputs with experts. Some updates to the values were already performed after the meeting and now most of the outputs are in line with the knowledge of the experts. There are further suggestions that could be considered as an update of the deliverable in future stages yet the current version is agreed upon for developing the benchmark. These steps lead to the development of the benchmark as we are confident that we have reasonable outputs from the model. We provide several KPIs from this benchmark in accordance with the Deliverable D2.1 (Ramos et al., 2020). This deliverable therefore creates the base for future NOVIMOVE developments such that the results of the benchmark will be used as the baseline to evaluate the added value of the NOVIMOVE innovations. Namely, integration of NOVIMOVE developments that take place in other work packages will take place in D2.5 and the assessment of future scenarios will be within D2.7.
Technische Universiteit Delft , 2023
59 p.
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IMEC-Novel inland waterway transport concepts for moving freight effectively (NOVIMOVE).
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