D2.6 : Development of the NOVIMOVE serious transport game
This deliverable relates to deliverable 2.3 and 2.5. these deliverables provide the main simulation model and integration of the different NOVIMOVE innovations which acts as the main data input for the development of the serious game database. Deliverable 2.6 describes the NOVIMOVE serious game development. The game will help to generate these insights for current stakeholder (who can make use of the NOVIMOVE innovations) and future stakeholders (e.g., transport engineering, transport economics students). The objectives are: •To develop the Terms of Reference (ToR) for the development of the serious game based on the NOVIMOVE transport simulation model. •To modify the NOVIMOVE logistics simulation model to become a serious game. •To test/validate the working of the game with different stakeholders to see if the game behaves as expected. The literature related to serious gaming has shown that gamification gives the opportunity to users to be part of a competitive environment and at the same time to expand their knowledge in the respective sectors. It has been proven that through gamification business goals can be achieved and the learning experience could be highly improved as well. This is useful for the dissemination of the NOVIMOVE innovations. For the NOVIMOVE game, the choice has been made to develop two separate versions, where each one of them targets a different group - higher education students and industry stakeholders – and has a unique purpose for each group. The objective for the higher education students version is purely educational while the version for the industry stakeholders is for decision making support, strategic thinking and reduction of the overall transportation costs. Each version has been set up based on the users feedback and needs, which resulted in the development of the terms of reference (ToR) of the NOVIMOVE game. Based on the ToR, the graphic user interface was developed, including connection to the website and the database. The users have the ability to experience the NOVIMOVE simulation model from the gaming side and get more information and insights about the NOVIMOVE innovations. Currently, only the industry professional version is available, while the higher master students version will follow shortly in a new update. The game will be continuously updated from March 2023 until June 2023. A new testing round, via stakeholder meetings, is foreseen by the beginning of September 2023 as part of task 2.7.3. Lastly, the validation and adoption approach is developed. For the first submission of this deliverable, only the main feedback of the NOVIMOVE game during the GA in Basel is collected. Once the other meetings will have been held, as part of Task 2.7.3, the feedback will be processed and the game will be updated. Once the update is developed, also an updated version of D.2.6 will be submitted.
Universiteit Antwerpen , 2023
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