The challenge of low back pain management : strategies to transpose scientific knowledge in clinical practice
Low back pain (LBP) is a very common symptom present in all populations, and it is the first cause of years lived with disability worldwide. Despite the tremendous evolution of the scientific knowledge regarding pain, the burden of this musculoskeletal disorder is projected to increase in the years to come. This major public health problem is a challenge and requires urgent efforts and initiatives. Physiotherapists are first line actors in the evaluation and management of LBP. Sadly, there is evidence that physiotherapists don’t follow guidelines for the management of LBP and have difficulties to evaluate patients using a bio-psycho- social framework. Moreover, attitudes and beliefs of HCPs could impact the prognosis of the patients by negatively influencing their cognition, emotions and coping strategies. The main objective of this thesis was to develop and evaluate interventions to transpose scientific knowledge concerning a guideline-adherent approach to manage LBP in clinical practice. We developed and evaluated two different e-learning interventions to enhance the knowledge, attitudes and beliefs of physiotherapists managing patients with LBP. The results showed that an experimental e-learning designed to be interactive and to give concrete examples on how to practically integrate content of the guidelines, such as efficient communication to reassure the patient and the importance of screening psycho-social factors led to a significant improvement in attitudes, beliefs and recommendations concerning return to work in physiotherapists in comparison to a traditional online lecture. Enhancing attitudes and beliefs, as well as clinical behavior, of physiotherapists is still an enormous challenge. It is crucial to continue to evaluate strategies to target this problematic. The ultimate goal is to have first-line practitioners able to manage patients on the basis of evolving scientific knowledge, to meet the challenge of low back pain and offer patients the best available treatments.
Antwerp : University of Mons & University of Antwerp , 2023
xii, 154 p.
Supervisor: Roussel, Nathalie [Supervisor]
Supervisor: Ris, Laurence [Supervisor]
Supervisor: Bastiaens, Hilde [Supervisor]
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