Biodiversity Express Survey Salonga National Park DRC December 2022
Salonga National Park is positioned in the central Congo Basin, covering a vast area in excess of 3.5 million ha of lowland Guinea-Congolian rainforest. It comprises the largest rainforest reserve in Africa, and second largest in the world. The principal aim of the project was to undertake a multiple taxa biodiversity assessment, with special attention to biological communities that have received relatively little attention. We undertook fieldwork at three study sites in Salonga from 25 November – 15 December 2022, collecting standardised data on birds, amphibians, reptiles, fish and selected invertebrate groups (spiders, ants, butterflies, hawkmoths, dragonflies, ground beetles and various other groups). Collectively, we recorded 160 species of birds, 32 species of herpetofauna, 32 fish and over 400 species of invertebrates. Our findings include several species of conservation concern on the IUCN RedList such as Grey Parrot (Endangered), Congo Peacock (Near Threatened), Crowned Eagle (Near Threatened) and Forest Hinge-back Tortoise (Data Deficient). We discovered new species of virtually any taxonomic group studied including a shrew, frog, fish, spiders, ant, dragonfly, bugs and many more are expected as the material is studied in more detail. We also identified several range extensions of varying significance including Barred Long-tailed Cuckoo (identification pending confirmation) which would be the first record for the Guinea-Congo Basin biome. This biodiversity express survey revealed high species diversity and richness considering the short sampling time. The large number of new species to science reflects how poorly studied this region is, and also how much more is likely to be present. More and more long-term studies across a broader spread of floral and faunal groups are required to better understand the biodiversity of Salonga.
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Biodiversity Express Survey, 11.1
Glabbeek : Biodiversity Inventory for Conservation , 2023
131 p.
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