Dataset for 'Projecting the World. The Mediated Geography of the Projection Lantern in Belgium c.1900-c.1920'
This is the dataset for the article 'Projecting the World. The Mediated Geography of the Projection Lantern in Belgium c.1900-c.1920' with Thomas Smits. The dataset contains announcements and reviews of lantern lectures published in Belgian newspapers. The studied newspapers provide an accurate overview of the Belgian newspaper landscape in three sample periods (1902-1904, 1914-1918, and 1922-1924). We considered the different ideological backgrounds (Catholic, liberal, and socialist) and the language of the publication (French and Dutch) and focussed on the two largest cities of Belgium at that time: Antwerp and Brussels. Using different search strings, we identified 8,230 announcements and reviews for lantern lectures, published in 45 different newspaper titles. We included all types of performances (travel, economic, religious, etc). Next to the geographic references, we also recorded: the newspaper and its production date, the date of the performance, the speaker and their profession, the location of the performance, and, when available, information on which images were shown and the reaction of the audience. Taking into account that some lectures were announced and discussed multiple times, our final dataset consists of 5,673 unique lectures of which 2,570 have a spatial reference (45%). We identified three levels of spatial references: continent, country, and city. If the announcements mentioned a place in one of the last two levels (country or city), we completed the parent levels. For instance, we filled in Europe and France for lectures that mentioned Paris. We recorded place names as they were mentioned in the newspapers but also normalized the spatial references to modern-day cities and countries (see methodology). This is an abbreviated version of the dataset collected for my doctoral dissertation 'From 'Magic' to 'the Masses' Mapping the Lantern Lecture Circuit in Antwerp and Brussels, c.1900-c.1920' (University of Antwerp). You can e-mail me for the larger dataset. In the article, we analysed the dataset using Jupyter Notebooks which can be found in the GitHub repository:
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