Combining the Nurse Intuition Patient Deterioration Scale with the National Early Warning Score provides more Net Benefit in predicting serious adverse events : a prospective cohort study in medical, surgical, and geriatric wards
Objectives This prospective cohort study aimed to assess the predictive value of the Nurse Intuition Patient Deterioration Scale (NIPDS) combined with the National Early Warning Score (NEWS) for identifying serious adverse events in patients admitted to diverse hospital wards. Research methodology/design Data was collected between December 2020 and February 2021 in a 350-bed acute hospital near Brussels, Belgium. The study followed a prospective cohort design, employing NIPDS alongside NEWS for risk assessment. Patients were monitored for 24 h post-registration, with outcomes recorded. Setting The study was conducted in a hospital with a Rapid Response System (RRS) and electronic patient record wherein NEWS was routinely collected. Patients admitted to two medical, two surgical, and two geriatric wards were included. Main outcome measures The primary outcome included death, urgent code calls, or unplanned ICU transfers within 24 h after NIPDS registration. The secondary outcome comprised rapid response team activations or changes in Do-Not-Resuscitate codes. Results In a cohort of 313 patients, 10/313 and 31/313 patients reached the primary and secondary outcome respectively. For the primary outcome, NIPDS had a sensitivity of 0.900 and specificity of 0.927, while NEWS had a sensitivity of 0.300 and specificity of 0.974. Decision Curve Analysis demonstrated that NIPDS provided more Net Benefit across various Threshold Probabilities. Combining NIPDS and NEWS showed potential for optimizing rapid response systems. Especially in resource-constrained settings, NIPDS could be used as a calling criterion. Conclusion The NIPDS displayed strong predictive capabilities for adverse events. Integrating NIPDS into existing rapid response systems can objectify nurse intuition, enhancing patient safety. Implications for clinical practice The Nurse Intuition Patient Deterioration Scale (NIPDS) is a valuable tool for detecting patient deterioration. Implementing NIPDS alongside traditional scores such as NEWS can improve patient care and safety. The optimal NIPDS threshold to activate rapid response is ≥5.
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Intensive and critical care nursing. - Birmingham, 1992, currens
Birmingham : 2024
83 (2024) , p. 1-7
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