An ecogeomorphic model of tidal channel initiation and elaboration in progressive marsh accretional contexts
The formation and evolution of tidal networks have been described through various theories which mostly assume that tidal network development results from erosional processes, therefore emphasizing the chief role of external forcing triggering channel net erosion such as tidal currents. In contrast, in the present contribution we explore the influence of sediment supply in governing tidal channel initiation and further elaboration using an ecogeomorphic modeling framework. This deliberate choice of environmental conditions allows for the investigation of tidal network growth and development in different sedimentary contexts and provides evidences for the occurrence of both erosional and depositional channel-forming processes. Results show that these two mechanisms in reality coexist but act at different time scales: channel initiation stems from erosional processes, while channel elaboration mostly results from depositional processes. Furthermore, analyses suggest that tidal network ontogeny is accelerated as the marsh accretional activity increases, revealing the high magnitude and prevalence of the depositional processes in governing the morphodynamic evolution of the tidal network. On a second stage, we analyze the role of different initial topographic configurations in driving the development of tidal networks. Results point out an increase in network complexity over highly perturbed initial topographic surfaces, highlighting the legacy of initial conditions on channel morphological properties. Lastly, the consideration that landscape evolution depends significantly on the parameterization of the vegetation biomass distribution suggests that the claim to use uncalibrated models for vegetation dynamics is still questionable when studying real cases
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Journal of geophysical research : earth surface / American Geophysical Union [Washington, D.C.] - Hoboken, N.J., 2013, currens
Hoboken, N.J. : 2015
2169-9003 [print]
2169-9011 [online]
120 :6 (2015) , p. 1040-1064
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