TOD-IS-RUR framework paper
This framework paper animates three genres: the dialogue, the project abstracts, and posters.The ESR project descriptions are placed in parallel with the dialogue, positioned at the location that speaks directly to the ESR project, and indeed to the ESRs. The abstracts are written in academic language, forefrounding the specific research questions and themes driving the projects. As a third genre, this paper includes a visual medium – the poster – conveying in one image the central topic of the projects. Similarly to creative writing, visual methods are key to our network as means to communicate across disciplines and sectors, serving as an instrument to open up debate beyond normative catergories. When grappling with concepts like place-specificity, mobilities and justice in RURs, visual methods are part of our analytical toolbox, a way to capture a sense of place, of belonging, and equally, of dis-placement, of dis-possession. The paper aims to set up a relation between these three discursive modes, gathering a framework in which the individual scientific integrity of the ESR projects are underlined, while simultaneously constructing a dialectic between, or even an arena of, ‘inside’ and ‘outside’ worlds. With our network we aim to transform the disciplinary, sectoral and urban tunnel vision of TOD, to an inclusive concept for TOD, or, on a more ontological level: WP3 explores ways to move from matters of fact to shared matters of concern.
Antwerp : University of Antwerp , 2022
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Transit Oriented Development (TOD) for Inclusive and Sustainable Rural-Urban Regions (TOD-IS-RUR).
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Creation 10.03.2024
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