Navigating through turbulence : investigating individual characteristics, well-being, and career outcomes in the face of career shocks
Our thesis delved into the complex landscape of career changes, introducing the “Career Shock” concept. This term encapsulates significant, unexpected events triggered by external factors, prompting individuals to reevaluate their career trajectories. At the heart of our investigation is an in-depth analysis of how unforeseen changes affect individual well-being and career outcomes. We emphasize the crucial role of personal characteristics and resources in navigating these shocks, with adaptability as a central element in our analytical framework. Initially, our research explored the impact of individual traits, extending beyond the Big Five personality dimensions, on the capacity to adapt to abrupt changes. We focused specifically on the contributions of self-monitoring and self-efficacy to adaptability, aiming to expand the existing discourse on personal adaptability in the face of change. The study then narrows its scope to assess the effects of career shocks on individual well-being, particularly highlighting the context of an economic-financial crisis in the banking sector. This section elucidates career shocks' positive and negative impacts, further examining how personal characteristics moderate the effect on well-being. In the final phase, our investigation deepened to assess the effect of negative career shocks on specific career outcomes, such as engagement and the experience of regret. This study transitioned the focus from individual adaptability to career adaptability, endeavoring to elucidate the mediating function of career adaptability in the interplay between career shocks and the respective career outcomes. Conclusively, our thesis sought to illuminate career development in times of instability, proposing strategies for individuals confronted with career shocks and adapting to evolving contexts. It underscored the practical significance for both practitioners and scholars, delineating methods to foster adaptability and engagement amidst career shocks, thereby making a substantial contribution to the domains of organizational and career studies.
Antwerp : University of Antwerp, Faculty of Business and Economics , 2024
262 p.
Supervisor: De Vos, Ans [Supervisor]
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