Data from a cross-sectional study of fifth grade children in a sample of primary schools in Belgium that differ in amount of greenness at school and landscape level
The data in this deposit were collected as part of the B@SEBALL project (Biodiversity at School Environments - Benefits for All).  The project investigated how biodiversity in the school environment can positively affect children’s health and mental well-being.  B@SEBALL also investigated the opportunities for reducing health inequalities among children via biodiversity at school environments. The data are organized according to the Frictionless Data Package standard. All child-level and school-level data have been anonymized. Each data package is a collection of csv files and a json file. The json file holds descriptive information for all variables in all csv files. The zip file contains two frictionless data packages. The data packages contain information on 37 primary schools and 513 children.  These data packages only store information for participants that gave consent for a particular part of the study and that gave consent for long-term storage of the data. There may therefore be slight differences between results published as part of the project consortium, which could make use of participant data that did not give consent for long-term data storage, and reproduction of these results based on the data in this data repository. We also note that the derived variables in the derived data package were calculated with these participants included and removal of participants for which we had no long-term storage consent was done after these calculations. As part of the project, microbiome data were also collected (both from cheek swabs on the children and from environmental samples), but this part of the data are not a part of this deposit and will be deposited in the European Nucleotide Archive (ENA).
Research Institute for Nature and Forest (INBO) , 2024
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Biodiversity at school environments benefits for all (B@SEBALL).
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