Space as mediator between SEA and Ports
Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) is increasingly seen as a critical issue in the port sector. The SEA and other European environmental directives are mainly perceived as a burden for port development and port professionals often have little knowledge about the reasons why an SEA is necessary. According to a European directive (2001/42/EC) a Strategic Environmental Assessment has to be made for plans and programmes that can affect the environment. Town and country and spatial planning documents are examples of such plans and form an important step in port development projects which are subject to a strategic planning process. Spatial planning related planning processes not only bring along the obligation to make an SEA, but are also the locus to gear and integrate the requirements of other European environmental directives. Indeed, ports are confronted with legislation on among others nature, ambient air quality, environmental noise and safety. This paper focuses on the situation in the port of Antwerp where an SEA is made within the framework of a strategic planning process, which will result in a renewed land use plan (spatial implementation plan). However, this is not the only SEA that affects the Antwerp harbour. Therefore, some comments are made about the efficiency and existence of planning processes at different spatial scales and about the delimitation of areas in area-based policies.
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Critical issues in the port and maritime sector: International Conference of the World Conference on Transport Research Society Special Interest Group 2 (WCTRS SIG-2; Ports and Maritime), 7-8 May 2009, Antwerp
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