Quantum-chemical study of the potential anti-cancer drug Ru-NAMI-A in complex with estrogen and the simulated VA and VCD spectra of estrogen, the Ru-NAMI-A drug, and possible/proposed estrogen-Ru-NAMI-A complexes
Following up on an earlier theoretical report by Knapp-Mohammady (Phys Lett A 372:18811884, 2008) on the ground state of the neutral Ru complex NAMI-A (trans-imidazoledimethylsulfoxide-tetrachlororuthenate), we first report here a quantum-chemical study of the effect of both oxidation and reduction of the parent molecule to form the anionic and cationic species. The new structures are compared with the equilibrium nuclear structure reported earlier for the neutral complex. We anticipate that one such Ru cluster, with potential as an anti-cancer drug, will interact via an appropriate receptor, rather than directly with DNA. A receptor for NAMI-A binding in here proposed to be the steroid hormone, estrogen, C18H24O2. The biomolecular structure of the dicomplex is predicted from restricted HartreeFock theory and density functional theory (DFT) calculations. The vibrational frequencies of NAMI-A and the dicomplex with estrogen are also reported. Some maps of the ground-state electron-density for the three neutral biomolecular species are finally presented. The use of vibrational spectroscopy, vibrational absorption (VA) and vibrational circular dichorism (VCD) are advocated to be measured, simulated and be used to understand the nature of the interaction of the Ru complex NAMI-A in complex with estrogen. Our aim in presenting these spectral simulations is to motivate the measurement of the VA and VCD spectra of estrogen, the Ru complex NAMI-A and finally of the estrogenRu NAMI-A complex. It should also be instructive to measure the VA and VCD spectra of estrogen and the estrogen receptor, both alone, together and finally together in the presence of the Ru NAMI-A complex to substantiate our claim that the Ru complex NAMI-A ties up estrogen, and hence prevents estrogen binding to the estrogen receptor.
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Theoretical chemistry accounts : theory, computation, and modeling. - New York, N.Y., 1997, currens
New York, N.Y. : 2010
1432-881X [print]
1432-2234 [online]
125 :3/6 (2010) , p. 293-303
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