Common genetic variation in the DKK1 gene is associated with hip axis length but not with bone mineral density and bone turnover markers in young adult men: results from the Odense Androgen Study
LRP5 was recently confirmed as an important susceptibility gene for osteoporosis. Our objective was to evaluate the effect of DKK1 polymorphisms on bone mineral density (BMD), hip geometry, and bone turnover. DKK1 is a secreted protein that binds to LRP5/6 receptors and inhibits canonical Wnt signaling. Using HapMap, we selected three SNPs covering the genetic variation in a 13.53-kb region comprising DKK1. The Odense Androgen Study is a population-based study comprising 783 Caucasian men aged 2029 years. BMD and hip structural parameters were available for study. Bone turnover markers were used as a secondary end point. All analyses were repeated after adjusting for covariables and in subgroups according to physical activity. We found no significant association between DKK1 and BMD or markers of bone turnover; however, a significant association (P = 0.012) was found for rs1569198 with hip axis length (HAL), independent of BMD and height. Moreover, the association seemed to be driven by the nonsedentary subgroup (P = 0.004). Haplotype analysis further confirmed the association of rs1569198 with HAL. Furthermore, we obtained indications for interaction between DKK1 and LRP5 genotypes for different hip geometry parameters. As almost all variance within the DKK1 gene was covered, we conclude that common variation in this gene does not markedly influence BMD or bone turnover markers in young men. In this population, however, a common SNP in DKK1 does have a significant effect on HAL, implying a possible effect on hip fracture risk in the general population. This finding could be of interest but needs replication in independent populations.
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Calcified tissue international. - New York, N.Y., 1979, currens
New York, N.Y. : 2010
0171-967X [print]
1432-0827 [online]
86 :4 (2010) , p. 271-281
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Targeting LRP5 to increase bone formation in osteoporosis (TALOS).
Functional characterization of genes involved in bone formation and bone resorption.
Belgian medical genomics initiative (BeMGI).
Molecular genetic and functional analysis of the role of Wnt signaling in the pathogenesis of osteoporosis and obesity.
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