PBDEs and HBCDs in Flemish eels : levels and isomeric patterns
Isomer-specific distribution of PBDEs and HBCDs was investigated in 50 pooled eel muscle samples collected throughout Flanders, Belgium. Concentrations of Σtri-hepta PBDEs ranged between 4 5811 ng/g lipid weight (lw) with a median value of 79 ng/g lw. One outlier (5811 ng/g lw) was identified, although the remaining samples did not follow a Gaussian distribution. The majority of samples was characterised by low tri-hepta levels up to 200 ng/g lw, whereas three samples contained levels between 200 1200 ng/g lw. These samples were collected near highly industrialized areas in Flanders. BDE 47 was the dominant PBDE congener in the samples in which BDE 209 could not be detected (n = 44). However, when BDE 209 was detected (n=6), it was the most dominant PBDE congener, though at low levels varying between 10 87 ng/g lw. Levels and profiles of PBDEs in the most contaminated eel samples were compared with those measured in sediment samples from the same locations, measured in a previous study. Sediment samples were characterised by low Σtri-hepta PBDEs concentrations (2 65 ng/g dw) and high BDE 209 levels (20 - 2400 ng/g dw). The PBDE profile in sediment is different compared to the eel profile, with BDE 209 being the dominant PBDE congener in all sediment samples. Differences in bioavailability and bioaccumulation potential of PBDE congeners explain the different profiles observed in eels and sediment. ΣHBCDs in eels ranged between 14 4397 ng/g lw with median value of 73 ng/g lw. One outlier of 4397 ng/g lw could be detected. The majority of the eel samples (34/50) had ΣHBCD levels < 100 ng/g lw, while 5 eel samples were heavily contaminated, with HBCDs levels ranging between 1000 and 4400 ng/g lw. The α-HBCD isomer was the dominant isomer (mean 84%) in all samples, followed by γ-HBCD and β-HBCD.
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Cahiers bleus / Maison du boulanger [Troyes]; Amis des Cahiers bleus [Troyes] - Toyes, 1975 - 2010
Toyes : Centre culturel Thibaut IV de Champagne , 2009
71 (2009) , p. 001224,1-001224,5
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