Land productivity of seaport terminals : the role of exogenous factors Land productivity of seaport terminals : the role of exogenous factors
Institute for Transport en Maritime Management (ITMMA)
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Source (book)
ECONSHIP 2011, Conference, University of the Aegean, Chios, 22-24 June 2011
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English (eng)
University of Antwerp
When considering terminal performance attention is mostly directed toward production factors such as labour, capital and technology within the confines of the physical terrain. Operations on seaport terminals can be further enhanced by optimizing processes and technical upgrades. The role of the general environment, however, often remains neglected. This paper aims to reintroduce exogenous factors to the contemporary land productivity analysis. We develop a conceptual framework for the identification of relevant exogenous factors and the potential impacts these factors have on the possibilities for the terminal operator to achieve a high land productivity. We argue that the conceptual analysis and the related typology of exogenous factors contribute to a more relevant international comparison of terminal productivity which takes into account the complex environment surrounding the terminals considered. The framework to address exogenous drivers serves as the basis for a guided survey. Terminal operation experts were asked to assess exogenous factors in relation to land productivity. The results indicate that exogenous factors are considered a valuable contribution. The possible impact of some exogenous drivers in relation to logistic chains and productivity is being discussed by means of a representative example