Identification and characterization of starter lactic acid bacteria and probiotics from Columbian dairy products
Aims: Considering the significant rise in the probiotic market in Columbia, and given the lack of reports concerning the microbial population and strain performance in products from different producers, this study aims at determining the number of viable starter bacteria and probiotics in bio-yoghurts available at the Columbian market, identifying the species and analysing the performance of the isolated strains in bile acid resistance, antagonistic activity against pathogens, and adherence capacity to human intestinal epithelial cells. Methods and Results:  Seven bio-yoghurts were analysed for the bacterial species present. Species identification was carried out using 16S rRNA gene targeted PCR. The cultured bacteria were tested for bile acid resistance, adherence to a human intestinal epithelial cell line, and antagonism against the pathogen Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium. A total of 17 different strains were identified. Based on plate counting, all bio-yoghurts have at least total viable cells of ∼107 CFU ml−1. Streptococcus thermophilus and Lactobacillus delbrueckii ssp. bulgaricus were the most frequently isolated bacteria. Viable Bifidobacterium was only recovered from one product. However, after PCR analysis, DNA of this genus was confirmed in five out of seven products. Major differences were found for S. typhimurium antagonism. The adherence capacity to Caco-2 cells was observed in 10 of the isolated strains. In general, low survival to simulated gastric juice was observed. Conclusions:  Some of the isolated strains have probiotic potential, although not all of them were present in the advised amount to exert beneficial health effects. However, the full correct scientific name of the isolated bacteria and their viable counts were not included on the product label. Significance and Impact of the Study:  This is the first report describing the identification and functionality of starter bacteria and probiotics present in dairy products on the Columbian market.
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The journal of applied microbiology. - London
The journal of applied microbiology. - London
London : 2007
103 :3 (2007) , p. 666-674
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