Digital libraries with J-ISIS : a preliminary account of possibilities and performance
Faculty of Social Sciences. Instructional and Educational Sciences
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Documentation and information
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Library hi tech news
29(2012) , p. 7-10
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English (eng)
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University of Antwerp
Purpose The purpose of this paper is to investigate the possibility to use J-ISIS software for digital libraries (DL), and to identify/implement the necessary software elements. Design/methodology/approach The approach was three-fold: first, testing the required features for DL, e.g. large-file handling capabilities, full-text indexing, UNICODE; second, implementing into the existing code an easy interface to build collections, respecting the ISIS-philosophy of freedom of structure (e.g. integration into and creation of any meta-data set); and third, performing preliminary performance tests comparing to the Greenstone software. Findings The claims of large-file handling, UNICODE and full-text searching were confirmed, however some JAVA code had to be adjusted for reaching the goals re document sizes and speed. The interface is based on existing data-entry worksheets: when a DL field is recognized, a special icon allowing uploading of the document is shown, the text is extracted (using Apache Tika) and normal storage and indexing is applied while the ISIS-PFT creates the URL to the original document. All this was found to work very fast in a 200 documents test, in fact faster than GSDL, with especially more efficiency in storage space. Originality/value The paper shows that UNESCO's ISIS-software users have now the possibility to use known technology for DL purposes, without needing to learn a new software. When no end-user submission or large batch-processing of documents is needed, this solution is quite practical, esp. for smaller libraries. This project is the first to experiment with J-ISIS for DL purposes and hopes to raise interest in the acceptance of this new ISIS-generation.