Potential use of FDG-PET scan after induction chemotherapy in surgically staged IIIa non-small-cell lung cancer : a prospective pilot study
Background: Clearance of viable tumour cells in mediastinal lymph nodes (MLN) by induction chemotherapy (IC) so-called MLN downstaging is an important aspect of combined-modality treatment of N2-NSCLC. Reassessment of MLN after IC by CT is far from accurate, while re-mediastinoscopy is often technically difficult. Based on our previous results with FDG-PET in the initial staging of N2 disease, we investigated whether PET after IC could be helpful in predicting MLN downstaging and therapeutic outcome. Patients and methods: Patients underwent a first PET before IC. After three cycles of platinum-based IC, a second PET was performed before locoregional therapy, either surgery or radiotherapy. PET results were correlated with pathology of the MLN when available, and with survival. Results: Fifteen surgically staged N2-NSCLC patients were prospectively included. Locoregional therapy after IC consisted of surgery in nine and radiotherapy in six. Correlation with pathology of the nine resection specimens revealed that the accuracy of PET in predicting MLN downstaging was 100% (six true negatives; three true positives), whereas for CT it was only 67% (two false pos; one false neg). Reassessment with PET after IC was correlated with the outcome after the entire combined modality treatment. Survival was significantly better in patients with mediastinal clearance (P = 0.01) or with a greater than 50% decrease in the Standardised Uptake Value (SUV) of the primary tumour (P = 0.03) after IC. Conclusions: Mediastinal PET after IC accurately assesses pathologic MLN downstaging in N2-NSCLC. The data suggest a possible correlation of early survival with mediastinal clearance and an important decrease of SUV in the primary tumour. Confirmation of these preliminary findings would establish PET as a useful non-invasive tool to select patients for intensive locoregional treatment after IC.
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Annals of oncology / European Society for Medical Oncology. - Amsterdam
Amsterdam : 1998
9:11(1998), p. 1193-1198
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