Corridor strategies : the integration of the Southern African container port hubs and intermediate hubs with port hinterlands
The past decade has seen significant competition and cooperation between regional port gateways, hub and intermediate hub container ports. New ports entering the market and existing ports expanding their handling capacity have also intensified the competitive dynamics between corridors linking ports to continental hinterlands. The knowledge of the competitive position ranking of a corridor, together with the characteristics which make a corridor competitive can provide stakeholders with appropriate strategies/action plans of how to increase a corridors attractiveness and improve/maintain the corridors competitive position. Currently, little empirical research exists for assessing the competitive position of a corridor in a given port system based on best practice corridor theoretical principals. This paper focuses on regional hinterland competitive dynamics in container port corridor supply chain nodes. The study combines the corporate strategy concept of resource and capability appraisal (Grant, 2009), together with various theoretical principles of corridor attractiveness. The objective of the adapted resource and capability corridor appraisal achieves the goal of developing a sound and empirical framework for a competitive rank assessment of competing corridors in a given container port system. The proposed methodological framework serve as the theoretical foundation for a planned empirical application to assess the competitiveness of rail corridors in southern Africa. As such, the paper contributes to advancing and broadening the methodological discussion on corridors and hinterland port system competitiveness and development.
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Asian Logistics Round Table 2012 Conference (ALRT 2012), University of British Columbia (UBC), Vancouver, 14-15 June 2012
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