Revisiting dry deposition modelling of particulate matter on vegetation at the microscale
Dry deposition is an important process determining pollutant concentrations, especially when studying the influence of urban green infrastructure on particulate matter (PM) levels in cities. Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) models of PM capture by vegetation are useful tools to increase their applicability. The meso-scale models of Zhang et al. (Atmos Environ 35:549-560, 2001) and Petroff and Zhang (Geosci Model Dev 3(2):753-769, 2010) have often been adopted in CFD models, however a comparison of these models with measurements including all PM particle sizes detrimental to health has been rarely reported and certainly not for green wall species. This study presents dry deposition experiments on real grown Hedera helix in a wind tunnel setup with wind speeds from 1 to 4 m s(-1) and PM consisting of a mixture of soot (0.02 - 0.2 mu mu m) and dust particles (0.3 - 10 mu mu m). Significant factors determining the collection efficiency (%) were particle diameter and wind speed, but relative air humidity and the type of PM (soot or dust) did not have a significant influence. Zhang's model outperformed Petroff's model for particles < 0.3 mu mu m, however the inclusion of turbulent impaction in Petroff's model resulted in better agreement with the measurements for particles > 2 - 3 mu mu m. The optimised model had an overall root-mean-square-error of similar to 4% for collection efficiency (CE) and 0.4 cm s-1 for deposition velocity (nu d), which was shown to be highly competitive against previously described models. It can thus be used to model PM deposition on other plant species, provided the correct parameterisation of the drag by this species. A detailed description of the spatial distribution of the vegetation could solve the underestimation for particle sizes of 0.3 - 2 mu mu m.
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Air quality, atmosphere & health. - Dordrecht, 2008, currens
Dordrecht : 2023
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(2023) , 22 p.
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Modelling and experimental validation of deposition on vegetation to facilitate urban particulate matter mitigation.
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